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Offer your event goers the opportunity to ridiculate in full fashion.  Turn up your small private party.  Dress up and dance through the streets in a Roaming Ridiculous Parade, or throw an interactive Pop Up Festival for your neighborhood.

Ridiculous Roaming Parades

Get ready to share your inner shine.  Tutu down and take your event on a musical parade through your building, boat, complex, or community. Rental tutus included with keepsakes for the organizing host. 

Ridiculous Roaming Parades typically tout about 10-25 people, but will vary based on event.

Pop Up Festivals

Offer members of your community the opportunity to participate in a festival of creative expression, color,  music, and movement. Pick your own Ridiculation Stations  to custom tailor this experience to fit the needs of your group. 

Purposefully Ridiculous Festivals typically host 30 to 300. 

Private Parties

Full dance party ridiculation with Purposefully Ridiculous party mix.

Tutus to Keep

Remind your guests that if they do it right, the party is never over.

Offer take home tutus as wearable bits of reminder whimsy.

Custom Made Tutus

Get special order tutus for Purposefully Ridiculous incentives or rewards using company colors, extra sparkle, or company/party theme.

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