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This is a spattering of sample Ridiculation Stations available for Pop Up events. 

 Limited only by our collective imagination,  the options for Ridiculation Stations are almost endless.

Ridiculate Your Outfit

Elevate your outfit to the level of ridiculous on purpose. Tufts of tulle can make a great hair tie, button tie, or tie tie. Scavenge for couture.

Creative Expression Center

Doodle to your heart’s content. Share a poem.  Write out the lyrics to your favorite song. Paint your dog hula hooping on the roof. Make anything and share a moment’s art.

The Gift of Craft

Make a something. Leave a something. Take a something left behind.

Hula Hoop for Happiness

Movement is good for the body. Hula is good for the happy. 

Purposefully Ridiculous Photo Opp

All the silly selfie props to ridiculate your photo opp.

You’re Doing So Well

Learn to connect through compliments.

Spontaneous Choreography

Take turns leading the parade. Teach everyone your dance.

An Encouraging Word

Hopeful Haiku table. What has always encouraged you to keep going.

Write a poem about it in 17 syllables.

What If  That Didn’t Scare You?

Big dreams are allowed here. Let’s wonder about them, get a little uncomfortable, and celebrate curiosity together.

Behold Yourself

Face painting. Skin sparkling. Body bedazzling. All around decoration of self.

Ridiculous Word Pile

Make silly communal poems with your closest stranger.

Laughercize Class

Exercise your stomach muscles and get the spare tire jiggling with some sound stretches and some serious giggling.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Bubbles are awesome. Let’s have lots of them. (Outdoor events only)

Light the Night Sky

Fire Spinners and Light Performers offer ooh and ahhs and art up the sky.

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