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Supports: Staff development & morale, Stress reduction, Self care,  Mental health support, Organizational leadership, Team building, Accountability & engagement, Diversity/Inclusion & access, Effective communication, Multidisciplinary cooperation, Creativity & innovation, Marketing & community outreach, Policy & program development, and Community enrichment.

Recognition Ceremony/

Ridiculous Appreciation

Can be a series of short, high impact, on the floor mini-motivationals or a large group get up and dance recognition party. Enthusiastic, energetic, and entertaining engagement to invigorate staff, encourage innovation, and foster a commitment to enjoying time spent at work.

Resident Ridiculation: 

Happy Tutu Tuesday 

It doesn't have to be a Tuesday, but it helps.


Engagement/Motivation workshop with administration and staff, leading to a resident dance party and/or parade. Can also be used to support cross program engagement (ie: residents of an ADHC can parade and visit residents of an adjoining SNF.)


Not just for Activities!

Listen, Laugh, & Tell the Truth:

Lessons From a Dying Curmudgeon

Sometimes the behaviors of the people we serve make it difficult to show and maintain compassion. Engage honestly with compassion fatigue. Identify and share basic skills to help the people we serve feel more in control of their circumstances. 


Focus your time and energy on clear communication, establishing common goals and definitions, and anchoring interactions in dignity and respect.

Dance of Joy & Sorrow:

Self Care for the Caregiver/ Practitioner

Playful and poignant workshop that fosters space for caregivers to release stress and tension and validate their own lived experience, while building skills for ongoing self care. Caregiving, whether informal or professional in nature, is a calling. Those responsible for providing care for others often stop providing quality care for themselves.

Lead by Ridiculous Example:

Encouraging Risk-Taking, Innovative Leadership  & Transformational Teamwork

Remember most of the best ideas were once dismissed as ridiculous. Stimulate and build leadership capacity while drawing out the layers of potential lying beneath the surface of your facility,  organization, or residence. Learn how to foster a safe space for creative risk taking and strategic silliness.  

Lead by Ridiculous Example and inspire courage to fail productively, utilize feedback, and try something truly different. Infuse your team with energy and enthusiasm while helping them connect with the passion that drives innovation and quality service.

Creating Space for Eachother: 

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an expressed goal throughout health care organizations and communities. Actively fostering cultural competencies is not only the ideal, but will help practitioners from doing actual harm. Creating effective cross-cultural communication systems that foster spaces for shared experience, mutual understanding, and open engagement presents significant challenges. Learning to identify, appreciate, and celebrate difference is a primary key to any diversity programming. 


Provide your health care system with the opportunity to engage in critical conversations about inclusive leadership, provide exemplary service across experience and ability, strategize implementation of diverse programming, and purposefully celebrate the contributions of all of your community members.

Felting Secondary Trauma: 

A Process Workshop for Practitioners

For service providers, health care workers, first responders and other individuals who work/volunteer in emotionally demanding or potentially traumatizing fields. Secondary trauma is a common occurrence and impacts a professional’s ability to maintain adequate self care and effectiveness.


This workshop uses the art of needle felting to provide processing space and explore additional tools for self-care. No experience or perceived ability is necessary. Each person will make an original piece of art.

Organizational Tapestry:

See Who You Say You Are

Great for team building, demonstrating a shared vision, and as a tool to celebrate the dedication of your group of health care professionals. 


Each team member will learn basic needle felting skills, create a small individual piece of art, and collaborate on creating an original group tapestry ready for display in your organization or office.

Creating Safety Through Silly:

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma can impact our ability to connect with safety and joy, commit to & engage in effective treatment, and achieve long term healing. Survivors may express being separated from their bodies as safe, healthy spaces worthy of care. 


This workshop engages individuals and groups in embracing dualities; joy and sorrow, fear and courage, anxiety and enthusiastic willingness, anger and forgiveness. This workshop includes a guided mediation and conversations of safe container building. Activities focus on consent and boundary building, engaging one's body as a safe playful place, using dance to actively move discomfort through the body, and inviting an overall sense of safety through silliness.

Joy Filled Community Outreach: 

Pop Up Parade/ Festival

Professional Ridiculators swoop in and create a Pop Up Parade or Festival with dance music and Ridiculation Stations. 


Stations provide adults and any accompanying children with the opportunity to play, create, dress up, dance, and be Purposefully Ridiculous. 


This is a leave no trace event.  All ridiculous remnants will magically disappear.

Promoting Climate Change

Consult Services

Looking for a shift in your organizational/group culture? Beginning a new project or developing a program? Ready to redesign how your staff engage with each other/clients/community partners? Lead by Purposefully Ridiculous example and encourage innovation. 


Together we will identify three (3) core aspects within your organization where attentive, purposeful growth is desired. We will create a plan of ridiculous action and our group of Professional Ridiculators can even kick off your campaign with a Pop Up Festival. 

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