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Supports: Staff development & morale, Stress reduction, Self care, Mental health support, Organizational leadership, Team building,  Accountability & engagement, Diversity/Inclusion & access, Effective communication, Multidisciplinary cooperation, Creativity & innovation, Marketing & community outreach, Policy & program development, and Community enrichment.

Motivational Speech/ 

Recognition Ceremony/ 

All-School Assembly

Boost morale and productivity by celebrating sacred silliness and the power of Purposefully Ridiculous engagement. This enthusiastic, energetic, and entertaining presentation will invigorate students, staff,  and community groups. Presentation can be tailored to meet the specific needs current to your community.


All talks will encourage enthusiasm, innovation of thought, community engagement, and a commitment to co creating an enjoyable space to learn and grow.

Ridiculate for Students’ Sake:

Silly Mental Health Supports for Schools

Students are expressing increasing levels of stress and anxiety. Growing responsibilities (and even wonderful opportunities) can feel overwhelming, as can the perceived judgement of adults and peers.  Teachers, and administrators are experiencing their own stressors with testing expectations and an ever changing learning environment.  Along the way, so often we forget to play. Foster the spirit of your community and create a space to play together. 


Great for engagement across grade levels through community service leadership projects.

Ridiculate Your Life:

Self-Care for the Educator/Caregiver

The compassionate work our caregivers and educators offer is deeply valuable. Those seemingly endless hours can leave folks feeling depleted, and often at the bottom of their own priority list.. 


Fill the cup back up with some Purposefully Ridiculous self-care, and strategize for silly maintenance.

Creating Space for Eachother: 

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an expressed goal throughout schools, communities, organizations, and corporations.  Actually creating and fostering spaces for shared experience, mutual understanding, and open engagement is often a more challenging venture. Learning to identify, appreciate, and celebrate difference is a primary key to any diversity programming. 


Provide your organization with the opportunity to engage in critical conversations about inclusive leadership, strategize implementation of diverse programming, and purposefully celebrate the contributions of all of your community members.

Lead by Ridiculous Example:

Encouraging Risk-Taking, Innovative Leadership, & Transformational Teamwork

Remember some of the world’s brightest ideas were once dismissed as ridiculous. Stimulate and build leadership capacity while drawing out the layers of potential lying beneath the surface of your classroom, school, or community organization. Learn how to foster a safe space for creative risk taking and strategic silliness.  

Lead by ridiculous example and inspire courage to fail productively, utilize feedback, and try something truly different. Infuse your team with energy and enthusiasm while helping them connect with the passion that drives innovation and deep creativity.

Communicating Across Agendas:

Hear through the noise

Communication is challenging even with people with whom we share common goals and ideals. In artificially created communities (schools, campuses, residentials, group homes, etc...) there are additional challenges of cultural difference, complex power dynamics, and a perception of conflicting goals. When we perceive ourselves as being on opposing sides of a situation, communication becomes more tense and loaded, and misunderstandings are quick to escalate. 


Focus your team’s time and energy on communication, establishing common goals and definitions,, and anchoring interactions in dignity and respect.

Classroom/School Tapestry:

See Who You Say You Are

Whether you are getting teachers and staff ready for a new school year, developing a new vision for your community, or setting the classroom up for an extra creative year,  co-creating a classroom or school tapestry is an interactive and lasting way to demonstrate your team spirit. 


Each student and/or staff member will learn basic needle felting skills, will create a small individual piece of art, and will collaborate on creating an original group tapestry ready for display in your building.

Creating Safety Through Silly:

Trauma Informed Teaching

Trauma impacts a student’s ability to connect with safety and joy, and has been proven to greatly impact effective learning. This workshop engages educators in fostering a space safe to make mistakes, including conversations of safe container building and modeling failure/foolishness with purpose. 


Activities focus on consensual ridiculating, engaging one's body and mind as a playful place, using dance to actively move discomfort through the body, and inviting an overall sense of safety through silliness.

Parties, Parades, and Pop Up Freedom Festivals


Great for kick off and fundraising events, grand openings, incentives, sales boosts, and community outreach. Take all the fun and ridiculousness of a PRN parade, then pick and choose a selection of Ridiculation Stations (sample stations included.)

Customize your celebration, bring in the professional Ridiculators, and make this PRN Pop Up Festival the most memorable event of the year.

Promoting Climate Change

Consult Services

Looking for a shift in your school/campus culture? Lead by Purposefully Ridiculous example, and help redesign what student/family/faculty engagement looks like in your community. 

Together we will identify three (3) core aspects within your school/community where attentive, purposeful growth is desired. We will create a plan of ridiculous action and our group of Professional Ridiculators can even kick off your campaign with a Pop Up Festival. 

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