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CORPORATE  Offerings

Supports:  Staff development and morale, Idea generation, Creativity & Design innovation, Stress reduction, Productivity, Employee health & self care, Mental health support, Organizational leadership, Team building, Accountability & engagement, Diversity/Inclusion & access, Effective communication, Multidisciplinary cooperation, Marketing & Community outreach.

Get Ridiculous Gala/

Recognition Ceremony/

Motivational Engagement

From a series of short, high impact, on the floor mini-motivationals, to a large group recognition ceremony, or even a Gala of the Purposefully Absurd -

Everyone needs some recognition.

Enthusiastic, energetic, and entertaining events invigorate staff, help everyone feel celebrated, and foster a commitment to enjoying time spent at work. All talks aim to celebrate the super heros in your community, foster increased engagement, and a encourage personal commitment to cocreating successful business partnerships.

Ridiculate Your Life:

Silly Stress Reduction

All lines of work create stress. Too much stress makes it difficult to be effective and come up with creative solutions. Late nights, deadlines and seemingly endless hours can leave employees feeling depleted, and often at the bottom of their own priority list.


Productivity means prioritizing employee wellness.

Enjoy simple, accessible, silly strategies morale maintenance. 

Fill the cup back up with some Purposefully Ridiculous self-care and ridiculate your workplace.

Creating Space for Eachother: 

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an expressed goal throughout the public and private sector. It is socially responsible, ethically sound, smart marketing, and just good business.  Actually creating and fostering effectively diverse spaces can present significant challenges. 

Provide your business with the opportunity to build inclusive leadership, strategize implementation of effective diverse programming, and purposefully celebrate the contributions of all of your community members.

Lead by Ridiculous Example:

Encouraging Risk-Taking, Innovative Leadership, & Transformational Teamwork

Remember some of the world’s brightest ideas were once dismissed as ridiculous. If leadership won’t take a good risk, what makes it safe for everyone else?


Stimulate and build leadership capacity while drawing out the layers of potential lying beneath the surface of your business. Learn how to foster a safe space for creative risk taking and strategic silliness.  

Lead by Ridiculous Example and inspire courage to fail productively, utilize feedback, and try something truly different. Infuse your team with energy and enthusiasm while helping them connect with the passion that drives innovation and deep creativity.

Communicating Across Agendas:

Hear Through the Noise

Communication is challenging even with people with whom we share common goals and ideals. In all communities (factories, workplaces, firms, & board rooms) there are challenges of cultural difference, complex power dynamics, and often the perception of conflicting goals. When we perceive ourselves as being on opposing sides of a situation, communication becomes more tense and loaded, and misunderstandings are quick to escalate. 

Focus your team’s time and energy on clear communication, establishing common goals and definitions, and anchoring interactions in dignity and respect.

Team Tapestry:

See Who You Say You Are

Whether you are preparing a project team for a new venture, celebrating a winning innovation, or setting your think tank up for an extra creative year, co-creating a Team Tapestry is an interactive and lasting way to commemorate the moment. 


Each team member will learn basic needle felting skills, will create a small individual piece of art, and will collaborate on creating an original group tapestry ready for display in your project space.

Promoting Climate Change

Consult Services

Looking for a shift in your corporate culture? Beginning a new brand or developing a project?  Lead by Purposefully Ridiculous example and redesign how your staff engage with each other/clients/community partners.


Together we will identify three core aspects where attentive, purposeful growth is desired. We will create a plan of ridiculous action and our group of Professional Ridiculators can even kick off your campaign with a Pop Up Festival. 

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