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ART Offerings

Creative self expression for no reason other than to express oneself creatively… tis there nobler a Purposefully Ridiculous pursuit? Take any and every opportunity to make art and share your vision with the people around you, maybe even yourself. Sometimes expressing yourself in a new medium can free up expectations and perceptions of ability. Try your hand at needle felting and see what new form of expression may be right at your fingertips. 


(All materials included. Multiple participant virtual workshops are available and materials can be shipped.)

Felt Experience Class Or 

Extended Felt Experience

(1-5 Classes)

Introduction to basic needle felting.  No experience/perceived artistic talent needed.  

Ideal for parties/group events. Each class runs 1-2 hours.


Extended Experience - Time to create a larger project or several small projects. 

Family and Friends Tapestry

Create a Tapestry representing the colorful dimensions in your personally defined family fabric. Try something new. Engage with art, and learn to needle felt with the people you hold most dear. Each person will have one piece of original art to keep and one piece that will be sewn together to create the tapestry.


Simultaneous workshops can be held online with packages of materials sent ahead of time so distance doesn’t have to rule a loved one out.

Organizational Tapestry

Work on team building, mission/vision development, and boost the creative process. 

Each person will learn basic felting skills, create a small individual piece, and collaborate on creating an original group tapestry ready for display.  

Felting Secondary Trauma

(Workshop for Practitioners)

For service providers, health care workers, first responders and other individuals who work/volunteer in emotionally demanding or potentially traumatizing fields. Secondary trauma is a common occurrence and impacts a professional’s ability to maintain adequate self care and effectiveness.


This workshop uses the art of needle felting to provide processing space and explore additional tools for self-care. No experience or perceived ability is necessary. Each person will make an original piece of art.

Felt Feelings Extended Release Narratives

(5 sessions)

Utilize needle felting as a healing tool and add a new practice to support your mental wellness.  This is a more intentional and purposefully guided workshop focused on fostering healing.


Workshops serve as a brief therapeutic space, with time to work on both small intentional pieces and a larger scale project each session.  Multiple sessions can be arranged as a series of consecutive days, evenings or weeks.

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