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Now you can Art on Purpose with this Felt Intention Bowl kit.


Needle felting can be a deeply intentional artform, providing opportunity to weave  thoughts, ideas, and intentions deep into your artwork.


No felting or art experience is necessary. Just bring your intention.

This is an accessible activity across age group and ability (current age range for my workshops is 6-98). Hand over hand guided work is suggested for people unable to maintain grasp safely,  and adapted needles are available. (If you really need to, you can watch this  embarrassingly poor quality video from 2012 where artist Angelina Blasich explains a little it about what needle felting is and how it might be applied therapeutically.)


This kit includes:

  • 1 handcrafted wool bowl already felted and ready to hold your intentions;
  • 1 needle specially designed for felting; 
  • 1 small piece of foam so you don't hurt yourself;
  • A colorful selection of wool and/or alpaca roving
  • Invitation to express your intentions creatively with freedom and courage  


Order as many kits as you have people in your group. All kits will be shipped to one address. Shipping to multiple addresses available for additional shipping cost. You will be sent a zoom room link at an agreed upon time and everyone can join in and felt together.


Color selections are limited to availability. Feel free to make requests. We will do our best to fill your kit with the colors that suit you. 



This activity is not suggested if you are allergic to wool or alpaca fiber.  Fibers also contain dyes. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this experience devoid of allergens.

Felt Intention Bowl Kit

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